End of an Adventurous Thanksgiving Weekend

November 26, 1972 on 7:33 pm | In Holidays | Comments Off on End of an Adventurous Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving weekend was a lot of traveling and a fun adventure for Steve and me. First, we had Thanksgiving dinner in Montross with the Bryants. Friday, Steve went hunting with his brothers and got a deer. Then, Saturday morning, we left home early and drove all the way to Blacksburg to spend time with my girlfriend, Denise and her boyfriend, who are going to Radford College. They have a little apartment in Blacksburg with a sleeper sofa, so we packed for an overnight and had a great time being tourist at both Radford and Virginia Tech campuses, which are pretty much deserted because everyone has gone home for Thanksgiving with their families.

We had dinner at Denise’s apartment and stayed up late talking and having fun and played cards for a while. Sunday morning, we had a nice brunch and then we had to head home for the 6 hour drive back, as Steve has to be in bed no later than 9:00 every night so he can go to work in the morning.

We left Blacksburg and were heading up highway 81 when we noticed we were running low on gas. We had filled up before we left home and my car gets really good gas mileage, but we are driving through the mountains and that seems to cut down on your mileage. I get nervous when the hand drops below a quarter tank.

We got off at an exit to find a gas station, but they were closed because it was Sunday. We hadn’t thought of that. We went to the next exit, and found that gas station was also closed. That was not good. I wanted to call Denise and ask her if she knew where we could get gas, but it was a long distance call back to her apartment so we couldn’t call her. We decided to head on to the next exit and keep trying. The gas hand was dropping lower and I was starting to freak out, when we came upon a truck stop. Thank goodness they were open and we were able to fill up, my little blue Capri sitting amongst dozens of huge 18 wheelers.

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