Taking Baby Home

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My mother wrote about where they lived after getting married and when I was born:

We rented a one bedroom apt. in Falls Church – didn’t have much money, so only had necessary furniture. Daddy’s parents were dead set against us wasting money on rent and insisted we buy land and build a house. Bought a lot in Spring Lake, Vienna, and attempted to personally build a house.

Meanwhile, they wanted us to live with them while building to save money. I insisted on our own bigger room and bath for privacy. We had to build the room off the kitchen but the bathroom never happened. It remained a closet.

I still worked in Arlington for “W. J. Baumbach Plumbers.” A plumber lived in Vienna and picked me up in his plumbing truck at 7:30 A.M. and Daddy picked me up around 5:00P.M.

All our friends had babies, so we wanted one, too. Pop Pop and Grandma Bobbie now lived in N. Arlington and my doctor was in D.C., so Vienna was WAY OUT IN THE BOONIES.

Grandma H. was next to impossible to live with. She wanted to take care of me and was my shadow. It was driving me nuts.

Grandma Bobbie wanted us to stay with them the last month (of my pregnancy) to be closer to D.C. We did, but they were drunk all the time and Grandma J came down for the big event. Every evening the three of them fought while drinking and overcooking supper. We stayed there a couple of weeks after you were born, them moved back with the Manvells to finish our house.

Finally had a roof, windows and doors and second hand appliances, so we moved in and for several years tried to finish the house (which we really never did before selling it as part of the divorce settlement). Daddy was always working – construction superintendent, drawing house plans, and his band. I insisted on being the stay-at-home Mom that I never had. Things were tough.


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