My Name

February 20, 1953 on 10:00 am | In Beryl, Bill Manvell, Early Childhood, My Grandparents | Comments Off on My Name

I asked my mother how they chose my name and this is what she sent me:

Pop Pop was Capt. of a patrol craft ship (PCS) in Key West 1947. Even though he was an officer (Ensign), Grandma Bobbie and he hung out at the “Chief’s Club” on the Navy base. They were more fun.

One chief, Jack Cunningham, had a step daughter too, Lola, who was 18. He asked if he could introduce her to me, I was 16 and a junior in high school, and take her to the USO as she had no friends. Lola had a 3 year old brother, John, and a baby sister, Noreen Marie.

We liked the name Noreen and picked Carol out of the air because it sounded good. Noreen Carol Manvell. You were not named after her – we just liked the name.

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