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More from my mom on our childhood years.We lived in the house at Spring Lake through the 2nd grade. But then, that summer, we suddenly left that house and stayed with my mom’s best friend, Ms. Jinx. We thought we were staying there for a couple of weeks while men worked on the house, but it turned out it was just a safe place for us while my mom found a job and an apartment in Fairfax. For the 3rd grade we went to Layton Hall in Fairfax, but then we moved to Arlington and I went to Page Elementary for the 4th through 6th grades.

We had fun doing the Lions Club “Clown Minstrel Shows” but I couldn’t take it any more. You all were 8, 7 and 4 and we moved in with Ms Jinx till I found a job (back at Baumbachs, and an apartment for us near Ms. Jinx). You and Linda went to the same school as the Tudors. I paid Ms. Jinx to keep Lori all day and you two after school, til I picked you up after work around 5:30.

My year lease was up, and Grandma Bobbie had bought a house in Vienna Woods. She said we could live in her basement with some construction of room dividers. I was working and dating Dad, so he partitioned the basement. We had a living room with a pull out couch I slept on, and one bedroom for you girls. There was a bathroom and a utility room. Had no stove, so used electric pots.

We stayed there til I married Dad and we moved to 15th St. in August 1962.

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